Things are Getting a Little Crazy

I had a liberal friend of mine post on my status once: "I'll know when Meredith has gone crazy: When she posts something positive about anyone affiliated with the Democratic Party. Hope I'm not the next Liberal she's gonna criticize!"

Well, get ready for things to get "crazy!"

Since the earthquake in Haiti the world has seen once again that Americans are the most generous people on earth. I challenge you to find another country that has our wealth that has donated as much as we have... China? Russia? UK? Anyone? Yeah... even all you America haters
out there know it's true. Even the most liberal scumbags have shoveled out the dough and I'm proud of them. Whether they are doing it for PR or just because they want to I don't really care.

However, these stars that are donating to the Haitian efforts have been known to donate before, so I believe their
motivations are "pure". Brad and Angelina, Clooney, Sandra Bullock, and Tyler Perry are just a few that have joined the efforts... and have you noticed that none of them have donated to the Red Cross? Interesting since Rush has been under a lot of fire by liberals and conservatives alike for supposedly saying that we should not donate to Haiti (which is a blatant falsity but that's never stopped liberals or conservatives from slamming Rush before) but actually said he wouldn't suggest donating to the Red Cross because of all of their bureaucracy.

I applaud these "leftist" stars for their efforts. You are part of what makes me proud to be an American. Thank you.

Just for the record, I don't just attack liberals. I have been a major critic of RNC chairman Steele. He's a pansy that doesn't have the cojones to be in the leadership position that he is in. He started off as a weak lapdog and has been trying to work his way back ever since. I criticize anyone who I think is worth criticizing... so... get over it.


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