Things are Getting a Little Crazy

I had a liberal friend of mine post on my status once: "I'll know when Meredith has gone crazy: When she posts something positive about anyone affiliated with the Democratic Party. Hope I'm not the next Liberal she's gonna criticize!"

Well, get ready for things to get "crazy!"

Since the earthquake in Haiti the world has seen once again that Americans are the most generous people on earth. I challenge you to find another country that has our wealth that has donated as much as we have... China? Russia? UK? Anyone? Yeah... even all you America haters
out there know it's true. Even the most liberal scumbags have shoveled out the dough and I'm proud of them. Whether they are doing it for PR or just because they want to I don't really care.

However, these stars that are donating to the Haitian efforts have been known to donate before, so I believe their
motivations are "pure". Brad and Angelina, Clooney, Sandra Bullock, and Tyler Perry are just a few that have joined the efforts... and have you noticed that none of them have donated to the Red Cross? Interesting since Rush has been under a lot of fire by liberals and conservatives alike for supposedly saying that we should not donate to Haiti (which is a blatant falsity but that's never stopped liberals or conservatives from slamming Rush before) but actually said he wouldn't suggest donating to the Red Cross because of all of their bureaucracy.

I applaud these "leftist" stars for their efforts. You are part of what makes me proud to be an American. Thank you.

Just for the record, I don't just attack liberals. I have been a major critic of RNC chairman Steele. He's a pansy that doesn't have the cojones to be in the leadership position that he is in. He started off as a weak lapdog and has been trying to work his way back ever since. I criticize anyone who I think is worth criticizing... so... get over it.

Finger Pointing: Still Not Working...

Last week the President gave an impressive and surprising press conference over our current aviation security and where it failed to stop the Christmas terrorism attempt. He lined out the problems in the system and his directed solutions to his staff. "We are at war," he said. "The buck stops with me."

Exactly what I wanted to hear. Nothing like a good terrorist threat to turn even the most liberal of presidents into Republican war mongers. It was funny to watch the leftist blogs blow up about how Obama is turning into Bush's third term.

If only.

But have these precautions been working? Not yet. It was reported today that a man on the "do not board" list with TB was allowed on to a six hour flight. He was detained at the next airport and taken to a hospital.

When TSA was asked how this man was allowed past the security checkpoints they blamed the airlines. The airlines blamed TSA. Yes, it's the airline's fault. They have the right to not sell a ticket to a guy on the "no board" list. However, TSA is our last defense against these people who are not allowed to fly, whether it be because they are suspected terrorists with no passports, or because they are diseased in such a way that it endangers everyone on the flight.

Apparently, those processes that Obama announced have not gone into effect yet. However, should Obama have given that much information to the public? He told not only the American people but all of our enemies the exact flaws in our system. He also told them the exact measures he was going to take to correct those flaws. There are so many things that Bush did or did not do during his presidency that I made me ask "why did/didn't you do this?" But now seeing Obama do these things (or not doing them) I am seeing the wisdom of Bush.

For instance, it would drive me nuts that Bush would not engage the radically biased media. They would literally call for his beheading in the streets, attack his daughters, his wife, marriage, and his intelligence. All he ever gave in return was a shrug of the shoulders and silence. It drove me nuts that he would not dispel rumors or call the media's obvious bluffs. But now that we have a President that calls a press conference every time his feelings get a little hurt, it makes him look like a cry baby. Bush did the right thing, Obama acts like a 12 yr old.

And now we have Obama giving lots of information to the American people about our failures in the national security process, specifically in regards to our flight security. It was frustrating under Bush when we never really knew what exact processes were going on to correct the problems in our security systems. But now hearing Obama list things out in such detail in the name of "transparency" (and we all know how much that word means to the current administration), it makes me cringe thinking that the terrorists have the same access to the information that the President of the United States just told me.

As of now, the policies of this current administration are not working, national security and healthcare being the most significant examples. Hopefully a little wisdom from the Bush administration will some how find its way to the current administration.

Let me be one of the first to say, I miss Bush.