Howard Zinn and The People Speak: An Introduction

I was introduced to Howard Zinn by the Breitbart think tank. On Friday, December 4th, I had planned to be in LA touring Hollywood and gearing up to see Mary Poppins (in really good seats, I might add) at the Ahmanson Theatre. I got an email from my friend Stage Right (now Larry O’Connor) asking me if I would rather go to the UCLA campus with the inner circle of the vast right-wing conspiracy for an ‘undercover’ mission.

Hmmm… let’s see… YES!

Anyway, through some email exchanges I was told that the mission was to watch the conclusion of a tour called “The People Speak” that was meant to promote Howard Zinn’s book, “A People’s History of the United States” and the educational project airing on The History Channel on December 13th (also called “The People Speak”). Stage sent me an email with about 30 links detailing Zinn’s past, including interviews.

This guy, Zinn, has enough of the “I’m so delusional I need medication” rope to hang himself with… Sounds like a party!

Unfortunately, Zinn wasn’t there. Adam Baldwin, Andrew Breitbart, Stage Right (Larry O’Connor), John Notle, Jeremy Boreing and several others were there to at least entertain me… Actually, these guys were on a serious mission. Everyone had cameras, recorders, and the whole The Sting signal down perfectly. Everyone was in “costume”, including Andrew, who was himself.

We sat through the whole event (which is chronicled by Stage Right) and had a break out session after the meeting was over… Okay, by breakout session I mean the guys all got together and talked and laughed at how Andrew cornered Chris Moore (a.k.a. Koala Bear – you had to be there), the producer of the project.

It was amazing to see how everyone was on the same page at the end. We didn’t sit together… that’s just WAY too conspicuous. We all pulled our own unique “one-liners” from the event but all harmoniously agreed that there weren't any “gotcha moments”. And by all agreeing I mean all of the guys gave their verbal agreement while Jaci and I stood totally silent only wanting to enjoy the moment but would rather not be noticed (or maybe that was just me).

Andrew communicated this one idea to his troops: don’t knock the project until we see it (as was urged by Chris Moore). Everyone agreed and went their separate ways.

The next week Big Hollywood slaughtered Howard Zinn, Matt Damon, and the rest of the radical left-wing Hollywood nut jobs who participated in the project. They promoted The People Speak event on Big Hollywood everyday and even had a live blog to participate during the showing that Sunday night.

There is a LOT of information out there about Howard Zinn and The People Speak. Although Big Hollywood has done their best to assemble the most important pieces into one place, I feel that it could be condensed even more. So, I want to give it a shot. Announcing my next couple of posts coming… when I get a chance to post them!

Grace and Peace,



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